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Why Complexity in Animation Doesn’t Always Equal Creativity

Why Complexity in Animation Doesn’t Always Equal Creativity

We’re going to talk about the three Cs: Creativity, Complexity, and Cost in animated videos. Today, I’m mainly going to focus on Complexity in animation. It’s quantitative yet ignored, which makes it interestingly different from Creativity and Cost, but all three are very connected. What do we mean exactly? Complexity is often seen as something…

The Best Length for an Explainer Video

Like a good elevator pitch, an effective explainer video should be short. But how short? While you might only have 15-seconds in an elevator, you usually have a little more freedom when crafting your message for an online audience. And while I’ve certainly watched some longer videos that can hold my attention, too many web…

New Video: Panasonic – Accelerate Your Growth

Panasonic’s Sterisonic incubator is well designed. Pair it with BD Bioscience’s culturing flasks that provide more surface area and you’re on your way to doing more experiments in less time. Admittedly, for most of our readers this video is leagues away in terms of subject from the normal iPhone app or social leveraging business solution…

Hot and Fresh, Free Samples!

We just finished a couple more excellent videos here at Demo Duck and wanted to share them with you! First we’ve got Junk My Car.  They’re a great company that helps get rid of your unwanted vehicles.  This video was illustrated and animated by one of the newer members of our team, Amy, and it…

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