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Medrio is a healthcare startup that was founded in 2005. With a focus on offering eClinical software solutions to it’s customers. What does this mean? Well, don’t’ worry because at first we weren’t really sure either. What’s important to note is that a lot of clinical trials used to be conducted completely on paper, and Medrio offers simple, fast, and affordable tools for the collection of data in these clinical trials without the need for outdated paper waste.

About the partnership

We first connected with Medrio back in 2014 on what we’d classify as a “typical” animated explainer in terms of the goal and content. Of course, we had never had a character like their feline doctor known as Dr. Good Data, but there is a first for everything. Now that we have made over ten videos together, we pride ourselves on our creative approach and strategy that we’ve brought to our video partnership with Medrio.

Working with Demo Duck was an incredible experience for everyone involved at Medrio. It was a refreshing change from vendors we have used in the past who require constant hand-holding and management from the customer. The final product was top notch.
Dr. Good Data

Dr. Good Data Explainer Video

In this first project with Medrio, we introduced Dr. Good Data to the world. Though he wasn’t named in the video, this sets in place a long-term strategy to use a cast of characters to convey the value proposition. By using cartoons, we could really pile on the humor when it came identifying the pain points of using paper to conduct clinical trials (such as a dog eating the data, heavey servers, or the hissing doctor). Once the final animation was rendered, we knew we were on to something good.

Dr. Good Data

Extinction of Paper

For one of their countrywide conference tours, the Medrio team decided to go with an explorer theme reminiscent of Indiana Jones. This short 30-second animated teaser helped convey that Medrio’s technology was so good, we were all about to experience the extinction of paper as it relates to clinical trials. Some dramatic scenery, brooding music, and ominous voiceover creates a short animation that some might expect to see in theaters soon.

House of Paper

House of Paper

At Demo Duck, we’ve pitched clients a few animated parodies of our favorite shows and movies, but have rarely gotten the chance to execute. Medrio actually came to us with the idea to spoof House of Cards, and we were elated to craft a feline version of Frank Underwood. Using the Season Three trailer as a reference, we worked on crafting a trailer for a show that doesn’t exist, but for a world that does — where paper is the enemy and Medrio is the hero America needs.

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