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8th Light

Company Story

8th Light by Chicago Video Agency Demo Duck

The challenge:

There are oh-so-many software developing firms out there, but few take the time and energy to set themselves apart like 8th Light. They came to us with the challenge of producing a branding video to talk about their apprentice-to-craftsman approach (think blacksmiths or woodworkers) and apply it to software developing. Pretty unique, right? It was our job to capture that spirit.

The solution:

The metaphor was already baked in to their company culture, so the concept came naturally. Our video opening took a dramatic approach where we introduced the theme of craftsmanship and drew the parallel with software developers. From there we transitioned to docu-style footage and interviews of their employees, both apprentice and craftsmen, to show this technique in action and hear a few testimonials.

8th Light
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