Animated Explainer Video


The challenge:

Successful, young professionals are often very devoted to their careers, which means giving back to the community often takes a backseat. However, associate board positions at non-profits provide them that chance and CariClub can connect them to board positions that fit their passion. The issue for this video was acknowledging that the audience works hard (while not portraying their job negatively) while still highlighting the exciting opportunities associate board positions provide…beyond fancy galas.

The solution:

Since our audience is very driven to succeed and isn’t afraid to put in the work required, we decided to use some sports metaphors throughout the piece to drive home the spirit of competition. You can’t make a difference in the community unless you get in the game. By elevating the visuals with some modern design and fluid animation, we were able to get across a sense of excitement while still remaining appealing to our target viewer.

2D Animation

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