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These forklifts help you get the job done efficiently, not matter the size or shape.

yale explainer video by animation agency

The challenge:

Yale is known for the quality of their forklifts, their reliability, and usefulness around the warehouse floor. But what most people don’t always think about is Yale’s human capital, and the knowledge they have around saving energy, cutting costs, and designing efficient spaces. Our friends at Shelton Group came to us looking for a forward thinking brand video that would communicate Yale’s human centered approach.

The solution:

The script already did a great job communicating an aspirational core message, and it was up to us to find a aesthetic that fit the Yale brand. What we came up with is balances professional and industrial with human and personal. But the fluidity of the motion is what really sells it. I mean, how cool are those morphing forklifts?

Yale Forklifts
Michael Twardy from the Shelton Group
Shelton Group continues to partner with Demo Duck for our animation needs, as their work ethic is reliably consistent and they never fail to deliver the highest quality product while providing superior customer service. We can't compliment this team enough, and look forward to many more projects to collaborate with them on in the years to come.

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Yale video production partner
Yale Forklifts animated explainer video
Yale Forklifts explainer video production by Demo Duck

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