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Buying Guide Videos

You don’t need to an interior decorator to be a star of the neighborhood, just fake it ‘till you make it with DIY projects with Lowe’s. With their help, you won’t only be a beauty star, but an energy star.

branded video series production for Lowes

The challenge:

Renovating and decorating a home is tough. There are hundreds, if not thousands of product and appliance options to comb through, so where do you even start? Lowe’s wanted a fun and shareable series that covered the top things to think about when purchasing some key home appliances.

The solution:

When bringing an infographic to life with corporate video, it’s a good idea to create a “through line” as best you can, whether that’s in the script or visuals. If people are staring at an infographic they can quickly scan across it until they find the useful info they need. Sure, you could buffer through a video, but it’s more designed to educate as a whole from beginning to end so keep them hooked with some connectivity. That’s why we used some playful penguins, labeled the information with numbers, and tossed in some clever sound design to keep the video engaging while keeping a steady pace too.


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