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International Food Information Council

Animated Educational Video

Critical thinking has never been more important and there is always a need for creative ways to teach people about fact finding. With loveable Toothy, we were able to cut through the online noise and enlighten viewers on a controversial topic.

International Food Information Council Aspartame

The challenge:

The internet sucks. It’s chock full of conflicting, uncited, and anecdotal information and nothing deals with more online slander than aspartame. Since the International Food Information Council’s goal is to educate the public with researched-based facts and provide tips on how to identify faux information, they needed a video to encourage critical thinking when it comes to dietary choices.

The solution:

The only real way to fight false information is with facts, and perhaps a little fun. So, rather than take a boring talking head approach, we decided to be a little sweet and sink our teeth into the core of the matter with an adorable character named Toothy. People love sweets and research supports that aspartame can help with sugar cravings without the calories and foster healthy fact-checking behaviors.

International Food Information Council
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