SportsCastr - Demo Duck


Animated App Explainer Video

The challenge:

There’s no shortage of breathtaking and memorable images when it comes to sports. Whether it’s an amazing end zone catch, a beautiful bicycle kick, or a certain first basemen pocketing the game ball after a world series win that ended a 107-year drought. So we wanted to make sure we carried over some beautiful imagery into this animated video while still touching on the pain point of TV announcers phoning it in during a game.

The solution:

We wanted to highlight how SportsCastr users can let their personality (and allegiances) shine through rather than fitting into the tired, old box of today’s announcers. Using popular sports broadcasting catchphrases in our script to jab at the status quo, and designing with bright colors to emulate the energy of big games, our team put together this animated explainer video that, if you’ll allow us, knocks it out of the park.

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