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Does payroll excite you? If not, you're not alone. By creating a series of customer story videos, SurePayroll was able to get across why they’re the payroll option to get jazzed about.


The challenge:

Small businesses need small business solutions. Like how SurePayroll makes payroll easy for business owners who have to be both HR and Accounting. We needed to communicate how hassle-free SurePayroll is.

The solution:

In the competitive industry of payroll we decided to let the clients do the speaking in our Customer Story series for SurePayroll. Small business owners are very passionate about what they do, and when they find a solution that helps them save time, they like to brag about it. We spent a day filming in a wood shop talking to the owner of Urban Woods Furniture about her experience managing payroll with SurePayroll.

Customer Story

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Laura Irons
Business Development