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Being an online university means you do whatever you can to keep your students engaged. Especially since you can't tell if they're sleeping through class. For the University of Phoenix, it meant utilizing multi-media to teach tough concepts, and for us, it meant making an entertaining video that was easy to follow along.

explainer video production for UofPHX
Educational explainer video production by Demo Duck

The challenge:

Explain the economic theory of Supply and Demand in under three minutes. On top of that? Do it in a way that ties in housing prices and is entertaining enough for all ages to watch all the way through. Good luck, am I right? For the University of Phoenix, they knew they needed to utilized different types of content delivery to keep their students in engaged. Plus, they had some tough topics to cover and a video of their professor’s lecture just wouldn’t do it for maximum information retention.

The solution:

Storytelling, in partnership with animation, is a great way to make abstract ideas more tangible. Through the use of characters representative of certain concepts and corresponding visuals to guide the viewer along, it was an easy decision to draw this one out instead of having a talking head.

University of Phoenix
2D Animation

Behind the Scenes

animated explainer video for financial education
animated explainer for financial company
Supply and demand explainer video for financial company

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