Animated Product Videos

Using motion graphics, animation, and, at times, real images, to better communicate how your product works and all the benefits that comes with it.

An animated product video can be the perfect way to show potential customers how a product works and the benefits of using it. Unlike live action explainer videos, a good product animation video gives you the freedom to break out of the real-world and simplify complex ideas or processes using whatever environments, characters, and graphics you dream up. Looking for a little inspiration? Here are is a sampling of animated product videos we’ve produced, which all do a great job of introducing a product to the world.

1. ZocDoc Animated Product Video

Zocdoc challenged us with finding a way to quickly show patients that with online booking, they can set up a doctor’s appointment anytime, anywhere–without the hassle of calling. It was important that the animated video show patients using Zocdoc’s booking feature in a range of places and scenarios. With a few other Zocdoc animations under our belt, we knew we could pitch them something with personality, and they’d be down. On top of all that, we’d been looking for an excuse to use our rhyming dictionary.

2. Canon Product Animation Video

Printers and other office devices can often be the hero of your office, so it was important in these animated marketing videos to make the actual device’s standout. These animated product videos are meant to help business owners imagine what it would be like to have one of these solutions in their office. 3D Animation makes it possible to show how the products look and keep the viewer engaged as we move around the device showing off all of its capabilities. This mixed media approach can really bring your animated product video to life.

3. Pella Lifestyles Product Animation Video

Pella is the second largest window and door manufacturer in the US – crafting wood, fiberglass and vinyl products. Within their popular Lifestyle Series they offer five different performance packages (for different levels of energy efficiency and sound control). The challenge here was to show their physical products as well as the benefits they provide. This animated product video used a mix of 3D product renderings and 2D environments to weave through familiar customer scenarios.

4. IBM's Animated Product Video

Who says that sci-fi can't apply to product videos? In this partnership with IBM, we used modern storytelling devices to speak directly to the target audience. IBM wanted people to get excited about their video services. We didn’t shy away from using a concept that flips the script on the viewer, whose behaviors are being watched by the content creators with the help of IBM and Watson. The cinematic camera moves used throughout the animation setup how businesses can start watching back, incorporating playful sci-fi tones, and how this analytics advantage will launch businesses into the future (and drive revenue).

5. Netflix Animated Product Video

For those of us who aren’t accustomed to binging on Netflix for hours on end, this animated business video series shows users how to set up Netflix on their TV. The use of illustrated user interface (UI) avoids copyright issues while still giving the customer enough visual reference to do what they need to do. Plus, if the UI or titles offered ever change, this animated product demo video series can be easily adjusted down the road.

6. Surge Animated Marketing Video

Look, all the animation marketing videos above are great too, but there's something about the water visuals here that makes it stand out. Surge built a tool for publishers to help them get the same sort of valuable insight and data advertisers do, allowing them to adjust and present their content so that they can gain as much value as possible from the ads they serve. They wanted to develop an animated explainer video for their marketing efforts, that helps explain their product to the publishers the value of this information, and therefore their tool, so we suggested utilizing fluid, water-themed design and animation that would reflect their branding and design.

7. Matrix Care Animated Product Video

MatrixCare wanted an animated video that showed how a more connected care network, like CareCommunity, can lead to better results and healthier patients. For us that meant creating a concept that showed long-term care customers, their competitive edge, modeling what the software looked like, characters representative of key stakeholders, and the challenge to avoid using the word “care”… nah, just kidding about that last one.

8. Appfolio SaaS Product Explainer Video

Appfolio Investment Manager is an online platform that helps real estate developers better keep their investors in the loop. This video uses a mix of custom footage, stock video, and animated motion graphics to give viewers a sense of what the product looks like, how it works, and why it's helpful to everyone involved.

9. Phonesoap Product Animation Video

You know that product in your pocket that you use every day? Yeah, your cell phone. Well, it's probably quite filthy. This animated product demo video explains a solution to that problem. PhoneSoap has created an effective a safe way to clean your phone with its handy device. It was important to showcase what this product looked like and how it worked so this animated business video uses 3D elements to better tell that story. Something like this may also fall into the bucket of commercial video production, where there's a high focus on branding and awareness as well.

10. Denovo Dental Product Animation

Denovo Dental came to us wanting a product animation video that their young patients could watch while in the dental chair prior to a procedure. So, it was most important to them to have this video really appeal to kids and take the scary unknowns out of the procedure. Through our meeple characters and realistic representations of the space maintainer, we made the process a bit more approachable...maybe even cute.

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