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fridababy animated product by video production agency

1. FridaBaby Animated Product Video Series

The folks at FridaBaby developed a series of animated explainer videos that bring their unique line of baby products to life. Since the products they offer can get a little, shall we say, messy, they needed to find a way to introduce them in a fun and light-hearted way. Because after all, what’s more appealing than a device that lets you suck snot out of your baby’s nose?

wallprotex animated explainer video by Demo Duck

2. Wallprotex Animated Video

Custom wall protection products may not be sexy at face value, but this animated product video for Wallprotex helps bring them to life. The animated corporate video is meant to help architects see how custom wall protection can help them fulfill their original vision for the building. Animation makes it possible to show how the products are built and installed while still having a storytelling element that keeps viewers engaged.

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buying guide animation by video production agency

3. Lowe’s Educational Product Animation Video

When you think of an animated product video, you typically think of something marketing oriented. However, in this video, Lowe’s uses product animation to help their customers select the right refrigerator for them. The product animation makes it easy to show various fridge configurations, and have a little fun to boot.

Netflix demo video by video production agency Demo Duck

4. Netflix Animated Product Video

For those of us who aren’t accustomed to binging on Netflix for hours on end, this animated business video series shows users how to set up Netflix on their TV. The use of illustrated user interface (UI) avoids copyright issues while still giving the customer enough visual reference to do what they need to do. Plus, if the UI or titles offered ever change, this video can be easily adjusted down the road.

Metria animated video by production company Demo Duck

5. Metria Animated Product Demo

Metria from Avery Dennison helps people make better health decisions through the power data. This product animation video shows the conceptual nature of data and its importance when it comes to making healthy choices. A live action product video trying to convey the same message would likely cost substantially more money and require extensive locations, talent, and product shots.

yale explainer video by animation agency

6. Yale Forklifts Animated Product Video

Whether you’re aware of it or not, Yale forklifts are a part of daily business operations and keep our economy moving. This high fidelity product animation shows the multiple types of Yale forklifts while keeping the messaging high level and aspirational.

Basecase video by explainer video company

7. BaseCase Animated Product Demo Video

BaseCase is the perfect marriage between the spreadsheet and the slide deck created specifically for the life sciences industry. With this animated product demo, BaseCase is looking to sell medical device companies on the power of it’s technology. Animation allows them to tell a story and show off the technology at the same time.

animated product video by Demo Duck

8. Phonesoap Product Animation Video

You know that product in your pocket that you use every day? Yeah, your cell phone. Well, it’s probably quite filthy. This animated product demo video explains a solution to that problem. PhoneSoap has created an effective a safe way to clean your phone with its handy device. It was important to showcase what this product looked like and how it worked so this animated business video uses 3D elements to better tell that story.

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