Video Series

Build your brand with multiple videos as part of a larger campaign or content strategy

What is a video series, and why use one?

We view a business video series as a collection of informative videos created with the same end goal in mind. Traditionally three or more videos, they’re designed to have a universal appeal to customers and non-customers alike.

We live to tell our clients’ stories—and we especially love the storytelling opportunities that a business video series can provide. It’s a chance to push beyond strictly selling a product or service. A business video series offers a unique opportunity to connect with a wider audience, help them better understand complex topics within your industry, and encourage them to engage with your company. In other words, a series is a valuable tool to build your brand.

When and how should I use a video series?

Often times, a video series is created after explainer (or sales) videos, testimonial videos, and other tutorial content has been well established.

It’s important to roll out your business video series through channels where you expect to see repeat traffic. That way, the series is consumed consistently by the same audience.

Publish your series via social during a key business initiative and add value to your followers. For example, share a video series on how to properly file your taxes during the early part of the year. Or include the videos on your blog—or a separate website—and add more content around the topic(s) that the series explores. We often advise clients to post their business video series to YouTube—it’s a smart way to keep the narrative intact. The platform allows you group videos into a specific series and then autoplay from one episode to the next.

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How does Demo Duck create a video series?

The process for a business video series begins like many of our other productions, except that we speak to the content at a higher level. When pitching concepts or visual styles, we take into account how scalable the potential approaches are. That way, we’re developing strategic, creative ideas that are very executable.

From there, we take a slightly staggered approach from episode-to-episode throughout the production process. This often means that each subsequent episode is separated one stage from its predecessor. For example, if the first episode of the business video series in animation, the second episode would likely be in style frames—and episode three would be in storyboards. This approach allows us to release the videos on a rolling basis, ensuring that we’re staying on schedule while still committing the right amount of energy to each episode.

How do you measure success for a video series?

By tracking key view engagement numbers (views, likes, comments), you can compare your video series’ performance against other content published on the same channels.

How much does a video series cost?

A video series typically costs between $10,000 – $15,000 per episode depending on the concept. That includes developing the concept, writing the script, creating the necessary assets, and adding motion. Other factors we look at when considering the “per video” cost is the reuse of assets and style across the series.

How long does a video series take to produce?

The production timeline of a video series depends on the number of episodes that you’re looking to produce. The first episode often takes 10 weeks, with subsequent episodes rolling out 1-3 weeks from there.

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