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Demo Duck has had a few different offices in the past six years, from a small kitchen, to a shared workspace, and now a sprawling loft in West Town with our own video production studio. While the layouts have varied, one thing they’ve all had in common is a Chicago zip code.

Although we work with clients across the globe, our roots are here, and our relationships with some of Chicago’s groundbreaking companies have only flourished with time. We’ve grown right alongside a lot of these businesses and it’s been a joy to be their long-term Chicago video production agency of choice. So, how can we share your message with the world?

A few videos for our Chicago clients:

8th Light Video production thumbnail

The benefits of a Chicago video production partner

A phone call is great, but we’re big believers in a firm handshake. As a Chicago-based video production agency, we relish the opportunity to meet clients in person. Sharing a city makes it easier to share ideas (and a Lyft). Just say the word, and we’ll gladly meet you for a casual sit-down at Dark Matter Coffee.

Come into our office to see where the magic happens and meet our whole team face-to-face. Outside of operating in the same time zone, we also find it easier to get a finger on the pulse of what’s developing with our local video partners and keep an ear out for the scuttlebutt around town.

Doug 8th Light
Demo Duck worked with us to capture the essence of our company in a beautiful and powerful about us video.
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Staying flexible in the windy city

Whether it’s an animated explainer video or a live action thought leadership piece, our ability to create videos across an array of styles allows us to deliver for our Chicago partners. Selecting a local live-action video agency will undoubtedly help keep production costs low but can also help will any necessary location scouting or pickups. Meanwhile, walking clients through our animated concepts or storyboards in-person help make our creative vision is crystal clear to our clients.

There are a lot of great options for a Chicago video production agency all across town but our team is comprised of local producers and creatives with a proven track record to get you a video that’s effective, engaging and helps make you the talk (and toast) of the town.

Why we love being a Chicago video production company

Colin says:
"Being able to tap into the Chicago comedy’s very easy to find funny people."
Theresa says:
"Chicago is full of inspirational art, music, and scenery. It’s a city that easily feeds our creativity and keeps us fresh."
Stephen says:
"Since we’re in the Central Time zone it’s easier to work with clients on both coasts."
Laura says:
"Working with creatives who have helped on Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Chicago Med, etc."
Kelsie says:
"There’s a lot of filming and producing going on in Chicago, and it’s cool to be a part of that undercurrent that not many Chicagoans get to see."
Cody says:
"Chicago is the perfect balance of creativity and business, allowing us to be inspired by all aspects of its community."
Jarrett says:
"The creativity in Chicago right now could power the Willis Tower. It's inspiring and challenging—we always need to push ourselves forward."
Nicky says:
"There's so much great music coming out of Chicago – Ravyn Lenae, Vic Mensa, Monte Booker and, of course, Chance – there's nothing like it."
Sam says:
"Nothing can beat the Midwest Hustle."

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