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Frequently Quacked Questions

Why should I choose to work with Demo Duck?

We make videos for business that marry one-of-a-kind creative with carefully crafted messaging. Our videos tell stories, educate customers, simplify the complex, and humanize brands. We’ve produced content for everyone from Startup Founders to the Fortune 500. And we’re not just about clever concepts or stylish design. From the first call to the final file, our videos are built to meet your business objectives and deliver measurable results. Still not convinced? Here are 8 good reasons to work with us.

What types of videos do we offer?

If it’s video, we can probably do it. Having a successful online video strategy means producing a lot of different types of video content, which is why we produce branding videos, TV spots, explainer videos, screencast tutorials, company story videos, customer testimonials, demo videos, and more. We specialize in techniques including 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, cel animation, stop motion, live action, papercraft, and screencasting. We’re also happy to try puppetry, claymation, and whatever else you might be in to.

How much does a typical video cost?

It depends. The cost is primarily related to the length, style, and complexity of the video. To give you a general idea though, a single 2D or 3D custom animated video typically runs between $20,000-25,000 depending on length, complexity, and style. Looking to produce a series of videos? Great! We’re always happy to discuss package pricing to bring the per video cost down. For live action videos, the price is based on the number of shoot days, talent, and locations required. Customer Testimonials and Company Stories tend to be in the $10,000-15,000 range while scripted live action videos start around $30,000, but are more often in the $30,000-45,000 range. That all being said, don’t let pricing ranges scare you off. For an accurate estimate, please get in touch and tell us more about your project.

What’s the typical process?

Once we’ve completed several rounds of intense, nail biting negotiations (kidding!), we’ll want to learn everything we can about you and your business. During this time you’ll complete our creative brief and spend some time with our team on a discovery call. This includes a Producer on our end, as well as one of our Writers, our Associate Creative Director, and one of our Art Directors, depending on the project scope. After that, the Demo Duck team will get together to brainstorm some creative ways to present your story. Typically this results in 2-3 concepts for you to choose from, but sometimes we’ll come to you with just one killer idea to present in the form of a treatment. From there we’ll write a script and follow it up with a storyboard. Depending on the type of project – animation or live action – we’ll dive into production and polish things off with music and sound design..

How long does it take?

Not to sound like a broken record but as you might it expect, it depends. A good video takes time to produce, and we’re not one for cutting corners or sacrificing quality. On average you can expect 6-10 weeks for production time, which does not necessarily include the time required for your feedback and revisions, which can add an additional 2-4 weeks (on average), depending on the quantity and complexity of your requests, as well as your feedback turnaround time. Every project is unique, so the complexity will impact the time required for production. The rest depends on how quickly you, the client, provide feedback, how many revisions are requested, and how complex the changes are.

How do feedback and revisions work?

Creating a video is a team effort and your collaboration is key to producing a successful one. We look at our clients as the content experts, and in turn ask them to trust us as the creative experts. At each step in the process you’ll have time for consolidated feedback through our formal revision policy.

How long should my video be?

Given the abysmally short attention spans we have these days, we try to keep our videos as short and succinct as possible (30-120 seconds) while still conveying all of the necessary information. Often this means we can’t cover everything your heart desires. But that’s okay. A video is meant to give viewers just enough information to get them interested in taking the next step (e.g. requesting more info, signing up for a trial, etc).

What’s involved in getting started?

For starters, get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for. Once we have a good understanding of your goals and objectives, we’ll provide a formal proposal if we think it’s a good fit. Assuming you approve, we’ll send across a Video Services Agreement along with an initial invoice for 50% of the project total. We’ll also provide a creative brief and schedule a kickoff call with our team and yours to review the materials before officially getting started.

Who owns the rights to the video?

The final video is yours. The full copyright details are outlined in our Video Services Agreement.

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