Why You Need a Landing Page Video

Greet website visitors with a friendly video for your business.

Studies show that attention spans are dropping. In 2000, the magic number was 12 seconds. In 2015 it was down to 8.25 seconds. Only 8 seconds to grab a visitors attention? That’s shorter than that of a goldfish. Most text-only web pages aren’t going to keep people interested, which is why having a landing page video can be the difference between visitors sticking around or clicking the dreaded back button.

What a landing page video should do

When given the choice, most people would rather click play than get out the ol’ reading glasses. A landing page video is typically 1-2 minutes in length, and it explains a company, product, or service in a concise and compelling way.

After Crazy Egg added the video to their landing page, they saw conversion rates increase by 64%. In fact, the video helped them generate an additional $21,000 in monthly revenue. Similar results have been produced by landing page videos on Dropbox, ZenCash, and Dollar Shave Club.

Where a landing page video should go

A big factor in the success of any landing page with video is page placement. If it’s buried too deep in the site (i.e. the ‘About’ section), or too far down the page, no one is going to find it. Namo Media’s landing page strategically uses an engaging headline followed by a strong CTA button.

homepage explainer video thumbnail

What questions should a landing page video answer?

At this point in the process customers have come to a landing page for a reason: to learn more about what the product or service does. Namo Media beat their customers to the punch by offering up those answers in an intuitive way. The iconography and verbiage on Namo Media’s CTA lets customers infer they’re about to watch a video

What a landing page video should be (or shouldn’t be)

These videos should be general and evergreen. Ideally, this video could camp out on a landing page for a few years, and continue to bring in new business. Anything further than an introduction, some high-level explanations, and a call to action is dangerous territory. Pop culture references? Outta here. A landing page is not the place for a Harlem Shake re-make video (unless, of course, you run a business that produces Harlem Shake re-make videos, then my sincerest apologies).

8th Light took the approach of focusing on their company story, beliefs and culture in their landing page video. This video is their way of setting them apart from other software developers, answering the question, “Why 8th Light?”

Customer front and center

Like 8th Light, some companies don’t need to explain their product or service, because it’s intuitive. Most people understand what software developers do, but a video still helps them draw in customers by focusing on how they’re different from their competitors. Figure out what frequent questions your potential customers are asking (i.e. how does it work? What do you do? Who are you?) and use that to develop a video concept that will serve your landing page and drive click-throughs.

Similar to this recruiting centric video for Hireology, that can land on a companies "careers" landing page.

What’s next?

If you’re considering developing a landing page video, make sure to develop a strategy first. Assuming you place it prominently on your website, it could be the first thing your visitors see and ultimately associate with your brand. You don’t want it to fall flat. There are ways you can do it yourself, but if you’re looking for a little professional help, just let us know or take a look at our past work. We’ve made videos for great companies like Trulia, Crazy Egg, Lowe’s, and more.

What does a landing page video look like for us? Well, it's our reel of course!