Meraki Go by Cisco - Live Action Video Production - Demo Duck
Animated Product Explainer Video

Meet Meraki Go 

Meraki Go is a set of small business WiFi solutions from the folks at Cisco. Their product portfolio includes access points, security gateways and network switches that turn managing your office or small retail business WiFi into a simple, intuitive process.

About The Partnership

When Meraki Go came to us, they needed to show what their product could do for a small business. We may be the explanation experts, but we saw the opportunity to let real customers explain it for themselves through a series of live action customer testimonial videos featuring a dental office, one of San Francisco’s oldest bars, and a barber shop on the East Coast. From there, we developed an animated explainer video that the Meraki Go team could use at trade shows, and in sales pitches. After those successful productions, we Ducks got to flex some more creative muscle with a live action video production.

Live Action Explainer Video Production Company

Live Action Video Production: “Meet Your Office WiFi”

Have you ever stopped to think about how your office WiFi is doing? This live action commercial video took a look inside a Meraki Go device actively making office life easier. Giving the office WiFi a personality put a playful spin on the well-known challenges we all deal with. It also helped position Meraki Go as a solution that any business could make use of. And the star of the video is none other than our Operations Lead, Rachel. When we say we’re multi-talented here, we mean it.

Meraki Go Animated Video

Animated Explainer Video: “See The Unseen”

To start, we needed to show Meraki Go in action. If only WiFi wasn’t invisible. The first animated explainer allowed us to see the unseen, giving a visual reference to how Meraki Go worked across three different use cases. Showing multiple businesses from open to close let us highlight each important feature. Viewers walked away knowing that if their business relied on WiFi, Meraki Go would help. 

Customer Testimonial Video Series

To help our audience understand how Meraki Go could help specific businesses, we went to those who knew best—the customers. Potential customers like to read reviews before they buy, right? As the heart of the business, we put our interviewees in the heart of their office (or bar) to tell their story and the role Meraki Go has played in it. Quick cuts and fixed framing brought the energy and style we needed to engage our viewer in this customer testimonial series.

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