Animated Video Production Partnership

Newsela Animated Video Campaigns

A video production partnership that begin with some high-quality product animations grew into a creative collaboration on some exciting commercial ads.

Meet Newsela

Newsela is an online education platform for content. They bring the world inside of a classroom in a way that is accessible for students.

The partnership began when Newsela was searching for a better way to demonstrate their platform to educators outside of the standard, low-energy screen recordings, so we helped create better versions of those more tutorial productions, while also producing more "sizzle" cut downs to show off the platform too. Over the eyars, the partnership evolved, and we recently produced some 30 second animated commercial video productions for a digital campaign that highlights issues educators deal and how Newsela may be able to help.

Animated Digital Campaign

A digital campaign that features live video scenes, all taking place in a classroom, paired with 2D animated overlays to create a playful series of vignettes that were relatable but not overly negative. A quick line of copy sets things up and the 3-4 second comedic scene dials up the fun.


Animated Product Video Series