AIG Travel

Animated Video Series

A series of unfortunate events made better by travel insurance.


Style: 2D Animation
Length: 30 seconds each

The Challenge

Increase brand awareness within a demographic of new, slightly younger customers who are not as familiar with Travel Guard or the value of travel insurance.

The Solution

In a post-pandemic era, protecting a travel investment is something vacationers young and old can see the value in. But, we didn’t want to just focus on the negative potential. Instead, we framed the message for AIG Travel Guard around the infinite possibilities that come with travel. You could meet your true love in Lyon… or your tibia could meet the pavement in Prague. Anything could happen! This animated brand awareness campaign is all about the possibilities and uncertainties of travel. And this animation style allowed us to be hyperbolic about some outlandish adventures and misadventures of our travelers.

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Behind the scenes

Style Frames for AIG animated explainer video series