Logitech Product Animation

Animated Product Video

Using 2D animation and a 3D product, to make a video that clicks

The Challenge

Make an old office product new again by introducing the new Signature M650 wireless mouse in a stylish video that ushers in a line of enterprise products from the Logitech For Business portfolio.

The Solution

Video production rule number 411: If you have a physical product, the best way to make your audience drool over it is to watch a 3D version of it rotate in space. Look, we don’t make the rules, we just make the videos. After crafting a script that touched on the product’s best features, our only job was to visualize it and get businesses hyped about putting it in the hands of their employees. We had a lot of fun combining 2D and 3D animation to craft the ultimate sizzle spot for this mighty little mouse.

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