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How often can you use the word "poo-poo" in a video? Well, we got our chance and we didn't pass it up.


The challenge:

Did you know that the average phone is 18x dirtier than a public toilet? We wash your hands to keep ourselves from getting sick, but we never think to wash our phones — which is the dirtiest thing we’ll touch all day and we don’t even realize it. PhoneSoap needed a video that not only laid out the problem statement and provided evidence for it but use some toilet humor to get people interested.

The solution:

We used a modern, inspirational message about phones and the power of connectivity to surprise the audience with facts about all the gross stuff living on our “cutting-edge technology.” With the addition of overly dramatic phone hype, we were able to mix in a little humor into the problem statement and get the viewers thinking about how they can keep their phones clean.

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