Product Demo Video Series

VTech® + LeapFrog®

We never thought we’d be asked to spend a couple weeks playing with toys. But here we are. And play was always top of mind when it came to our demo video production partnership with VTech. The explainer videos in this series do more than show off new toys and their features—they show the more imaginative side of play.

Meet VTech + LeapFrog

VTech® is one the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic learning toys for children. In their 40 year history, VTech has continually innovated with new products and upheld their mission of offering fun ways for kids to learn and play.

VTech approached Demo Duck about producing a series of product demo videos for their seasonal toy line-up. That meant 75 videos for 75 toys. But hey, it was a great opportunity to show off our studio production chops.

Whenever we see kids playing with toys, that’s all we see—a kid and a toy. But kids are capable of creating an entire world within their imagination. Our concept combined live action footage with animation to bring that imaginative world to life. And by designing the concept to easily scale to the larger project size, we were able to include every toy without losing the genuine creativity and high quality we’re shooting for. In fact, the system worked so well, Demo Duck will continue to work with VTech and Leapfrog on the next lineup of VTech and Leapfrog toys.

VTech Product Demo Series

Toys are all about interaction. For this set of digital demo videos, we wanted to focus on bringing the toys’ interactive elements to life like a child’s imagination. Shooting on a white backdrop gave us plenty of space within the frame to highlight features with on-screen text, motion graphics and children at play. A simple aesthetic let us easily repeat the formula for each toy and custom animations ensured every video was as unique as the last.


Behind The Scenes: