Educational Animated Explainer Videos

American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy

In an ongoing partnership with ASGCT, we've been creating a series of animated explainer videos, web copy, and infographics, all focused on various health-related topics for patients and the public. This series breaks down complex rare genetic disease information into digestible, easy-to-watch educational video content.

Meet the American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy

The American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy —also known as ASGCT—is an organization dedicated to the advancement of genetic and cellular therapies through awareness and education on these treatments.

ASGCT approached Demo Duck about producing an explainer video series to address how gene and cell therapies work, and how they can help fight rare genetic diseases and disorders.

The educational series was met with strong engagement on ASGCT’s website. In the first month, the organization saw a 52 percent growth in engaged site users. The average watch time for the videos is two minutes. Learn more about the production details of our partnership in this blog post.

Disease Health Video

Gene and Cell Therapy Basics

Always start with the basics. Our visual and scripting approach was designed to explain these concepts in a clear, approachable way—ensuring that viewers can follow along no matter how familiar they are with the topic. For this healthcare video series, we created a tone and visual framework that we could then apply to the rest of the series.

Watch the Gene Therapy 101 Videos:

Disease Specific Videos

After covering the basics, we explored the rare genetic diseases these therapies can help fight. It was a priority for us to develop an explainer video series that addressed these treatments in a simple and concise way, without losing the gravity of these disorders and their impact on patients’ lives.

ASGCT Educational Video Retinal Disorder

Watch the Disease Specific Video Series:

Disease Specific Infographics + Web Copy

What started as a video-only project quickly evolved into something more. Demo Duck’s multi-talented team was tapped by ASGCT to also write web copy and design infographics that would accompany the videos, expanding on related topics or provide additional context to high-level concepts.

spinal muscular atrophy information visual