Company Story Video Production

Humanizing your brand with video

a still from a company story video production for Divvycloud
signal's company testimonial video made by Demo Duck

What are company story videos and why use them?

A company story video (a.k.a about us video or mission video) tells the story of your company and values. They can be a great tool for connecting with customers, sharing your passion, and humanizing your brand. Company story videos often feature team members talking testimonial-style about what they do and why they do it.

One of the most common reasons companies decide to create a company story video is to show off the personalities that make up their team along with the mission and values behind them. Though testimonial videos often get a bad wrap for just being “talking heads,” they can help visitors learn about who’s working behind the scenes to make things possible. Again, it’s all about making a human connection with your customer.

What are some characteristics of a great company story video?

  • Conversational and approachable
  • Authentic with a personal touch
  • Multiple voices
  • A documentary-like approach
  • Passionate
  • True to your brand

When and how should I use company stories

Company stories are great pieces of content to include on the “About Us” or “Our Team” section of your website. It’s ideal to have buyers view these videos prior to making a purchasing decision, as customer story videos can help differentiate your brand and give potential customers the extra nudge they need to close the deal.

Demo Duck worked with us to capture the essence of who we are in a beautiful and powerful company overview video.

Doug Bradbury, 8th Light

How does Demo Duck create a concept for a company story video?

The Demo Duck team focuses on getting to better know your team, office culture, and brand perception. In order to create an engaging concept for a company story video, it’s important we present your people in a way that aligns with your brand values, yet still find a way to delight viewers in an unexpected way.

From there, we also identify the right mix of team members to be featured throughout the video. This likely means we’re hearing from more people than just the leadership team, and from other departments than just sales and marketing. By selecting a diverse group of employees, the audience gets a better range of personalities to connect with.

How do you measure success for a company story?

Measuring success for a company story video is best found by looking at the viewer engagement numbers and whether people stuck around to “meet the team.” In a less scientific way, these videos are more personal, so viewers may mention having watched them to you directly. Don’t be surprised if during a conference call someone says, “Hey, weren’t you the one talking about your endless coffee supply?” That’s a good sign.

How much does a company story video cost?

Depending on the complexity, company story videos typically cost between $15,000-$25,000. If we’re not using animation, that tends to include a one day shoot at your office, interviewing your team, and editing all of the footage together to create cohesive story that checks off everything on your content list. The Demo Duck team is more than willing to head to your neck of the woods for the shoot.

How long does a company story video take to create?

Company stories usually takes 6-8 weeks to produce. We find that the most difficult part of the production process is properly coordinating schedules during the day of the shoot.

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