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Looping In Your Team for Your Video

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When you’re working hard on a new video, it can be easy to forget about what you’re going to do once you reach the finish line. However, you aren’t the only one at your company that needs to be prepared.

Your video is a team effort, not just between the production agency and you, but also with how it’s going to be used throughout the different departments and people in your organization. That means it’s critical to loop in the different members of your team during corporate video production.

That’s why we’ve decided to give a quick rundown of common company teams and how you can work with them to get the most from your video once it’s done.

The Design/Web Team

They probably sent you the company’s color palette when you got started, so that the video will fit into your branding. This most likely took place during the style frames, so they’re a big reason the video looks the way it does.

That being said, you should also work with them to prepare the homepage and make sure the video fits in. Whether that’s preparing the file format of the final deliverable, crafting the design of the ‘Play’ button, or choosing the proper display size – this team keeps your site slick once the video is added.

Sales and Business Development

Let’s cut to the chase – you want these guys to be the biggest champions of your video because an increase in revenue is the best way to prove the video was worth the investment. Hopefully adding the video to your marketing mix will help them it their sales goals.

For direct marketing, this team is going to be using the video in email to drive responses with prospective clients. This can be done by adding it as an attachment, linking to it, or just placing it in their signature.

explainer video production, explainer video company

Perhaps they can help you craft the proper call-to-action for the end of the video so their phones start lighting up even more.

Public Relations

As we know internet users don’t engage as much with text as they do with video (which is why most people won’t get this far down the post), so adding the video into press releases or publications can really help increase web traffic.

So, this team needs to know certain milestones so they can best schedule their next big PR push around the same time the video will be live or at least available to share.

Upper Management

The head honcho. The one in the corner office. The CEO.

You may not need to loop them in during every single production step because they don’t have time and that can really impede progress. However, it’s likely you had to convince them to make the video, so make sure to track the videos ROI in order to get more budget down the line.

Other Team Members

There may be input needed from a few other people as well, so choose a few touch points – like scripting and storyboards – where you loop them in on the project’s progress.

If possible, consider adding updates to the project in internal newsletters or message boards too – it gets people excited!

That’s it, now get back to making your video the best it can be – your company is waiting.

And once the video launches and your team is ready for another one let’s chat!

Written by Colin Hogan
Colin is the Managing Director at Demo Duck, a Chicago-based video production company, who has a deep obsession with making videos as often as possible. Follow Demo Duck on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.