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The 6 Best (Fake) Corporate Videos Ever

At Demo Duck, we take our video projects seriously, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously. So we decided to create a list of fake, and very funny, corporate videos. Featuring an animated explainer video for a “new startup”, a product launch video from a tech giant, and a bunch of laughs in between – here are six of our favorites ever made.

Humanizing Your Brand With Corporate Animation

With a rising number of clients dismissing animation because of misguided feelings, we wanted to take the chance to point out how animated videos can work for more projects than some expect. So let’s explore six common animation misconceptions, why they’re inaccurate, and an example that bucks the notion.

How to Get More Clicks from Your Video

Online videos are part of an interactive experience yet a lot of people aren’t creating easy ways for viewers to engage with the content through links. So let’s explore the best ways to get more click-throughs from your video.