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5 Techniques (and Videos) That Spice Up Boring Subjects

I’ve watched a ton of online videos.

I’m not ashamed to admit that. After all, it’s a big part of my daily job responsibilities with Demo Duck, but it’s also something I’m passionate about. The content of these videos range from a new startup debuting their cool service, to a product release for more established companies, or well known brands focused on furthering their mission through video marketing.

One thing to note, is that not all products or services are created equal when it comes to video. Some videos don’t need to rely on inventive techniques because the subject matter is already interesting enough. While others are more reliant on creative methods to engage the audience because the content may lack the pop or pizazz needed to intrigue viewers.

However, I’ve realized that there isn’t an exact correlation between an exciting product and a great video. Some of the best videos are for seemingly mundane products or services.

So how do you create an exciting video for a boring subject? Here are five techniques (and videos that use them) to engage viewers for a yawn-inducing topic.

1. Use A Storyteller

It’s Oreos but smaller. Not exactly the toughest concept to comprehend or one that’s innovating the cookie game. However, in this video they don’t even mention the product or company until the 1:06 mark but still manage to keep you engaged. You want to hear the rhymes. You’re taken back to your childhood. It adds a sense of charm to a product that you may not even be interested in. Another bonus: kids love Oreos, so why not try to appeal to them too!

2. Try Some Unique Visuals

Visual Website Optimizer is a company that specializes in A/B testing and conversion rate optimization. While not the most inherently interesting topic, unique visuals help draw viewers in and visualize a complex message. It’s not quite animation and it’s not quite stop motion. This video gets the point across on how hands on the service is by showing some hands (duh!) easily manipulating a website. It’s a clever way to relate the visuals of the video to the benefits of the service.

3. Sing to Sell

Okay, I’ll concede that this product is pretty neat but who it comes from isn’t really exciting…a gas company (British Gas). This video is more about hooking in the viewer to watch the entire thing and remember it days later. It’s a catchy song with fun lyrics that make you smile with delight and maybe, just maybe, buy a cool new thermostat.

4. Use A Metaphor

Pre-employment tests are exactly that…tests. Whether it’s in academia or the business world no one wants to take them, let alone watch a video about them. This video uses a visual metaphor of a ship at sea to show the benefit of HireSelect’s test results to help companies find the right people.

5. Add Some Humor

Reselling old goods. It’s something that happens at a garage sale in your neighborhood every weekend, but with this video Sold uses humor to engage the audience and highlight their key benefit – saving you time. But be careful, because using humor effectively can be a difficult tactic to master.

Those are just a few videos that utilize different creative techniques to engage the audience on topics that may normally be avoided or tuned out. Keep these five strategies in mind while working on your next project, exciting or not.

There are plenty of other videos out there that spice up boring subjects. What are some of your favorites?

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