Healthcare Video Production

Sometimes video is just what the doctor ordered

Why work with Demo Duck?

We work as a partner, not just a vendor. Through conversation, industry research, and competitive analysis, we become subject matter experts to figure out where video fits into your strategy, how to maximize your budget, and how it can best deliver measurable results. These ingredients can create that pitch-perfect live action explainer video or an engaging informative animated video.

With our strong belief in having a balance between creative and strategic, we produce videos that tell your story in an impactful way.

With healthcare being one of the industries we have the most experience with, we have written a few specific blog post that better explain how we approach these video productions from a creative and process standpoint.

Four Considerations for Creating Compelling Healthcare Video Content

How 6 Industries Got Creative with Their Video Strategy

Types of healthcare video productions:

  • Educational series
  • Patient education videos
  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
  • Social media content
  • Explainer videos
  • Compliance video content
  • Sales and marketing content

What healthcare companies have you work with?

Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, The American Society for Clinical Pathologists, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medrio, WebMD, Panasonic, Metria, ContextMedia, Omada Health, and EngagedMD just to name a few.

How much does the typical healthcare video production cost?

Most of the higher-end healthcare videos we work on these days run in the $17,000–$20,000 range for animation, and $25,000-45,000 for live action. For a more accurate estimate, get in touch and we’ll chat.

How long it does it take?

Usually takes 8-12 weeks depending on style and complexity. With healthcare video production we find that having all the information up front and ensuring everyone’s on board is key to successful delivery.

Healthcare is complicated. Video can help.

If you’re a healthcare provider, clinic, or a healthcare technology startup, your healthcare video production needs to focus on the message so your audience understands your purpose. With our vast experience (making healthcare video since 2011!) in the healthcare industry, we’re here to help you tell your story in a meaningful, yet simple healthcare explainer video.

We also know that the only constant in healthcare is change. Our consistent partnerships in the industry mean that we’re keeping up with new regulations, emerging technologies, and health trends important to your different customers. We’re bending over backwards to stay wise to what’s happening, so it’s a good thing we know some great chiropractors.


Partner Showcase: Blue Cross Blue Shield

When the Affordable Care Act went into effect, Blue Cross Blue Shield needed a video production partner to create compelling and informative animated video content they could share their customers. Before we knew it, we were working on their Medicare, Kids Got It Covered, and eCards for Health campaigns.

Partner Showcase: ASGCT

The American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy —also known as ASGCT—is an organization dedicated to the advancement of genetic and cellular therapies through awareness and education on these treatments.

ASGCT approached Demo Duck about producing an explainer video series to address how gene and cell therapies work, and how they can help fight rare genetic diseases and disorders.

The educational series was met with strong engagement on ASGCT’s website. In the first month, the organization saw a 52 percent growth in engaged site users. The average watch time for the videos is two minutes. Learn more about the production details of our partnership in this blog post.

See some of our healthcare video work:

MatrixCare: Company Explainer Video

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing: Educational Explainer Video

Crohn's and Colitis Foundation: Medications Series: Explainer Video Series

Zocdoc: Healthcare Commercial Ad

American Society for Clinical Pathology: Patient Champions Story

ContextMedia Health: Product Explainer Video

BCBS: Healthcare Video Campaign

Centers for Disease Control: Opioids Public Service Announcement

The Lactation Network: Animated Explainer Video

Working with Demo Duck on our healthcare video production was a highlight of the past year.  They seamlessly took a highly technical medical process and brought it to life for the consumer in a creative and engaging way. The entire team at Demo Duck is easy to work with and were an incredible partner throughout the video production process.  10/10 would recommend!"

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