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GEICO animated explainer video production


GEICO is one of the largest insurance providers in the nation, and they’re dedicated to keeping their customers informed.

About the partnership

The partnership started when GEICO was looking to replace their standard written FAQs with videos, because well… videos are more interesting than long paragraphs of text! We jumped right in with a fun series of step-by-step animated explainer videos on how to file claims on your car insurance policy. Over the months, the project grew, and now we’re producing more animated videos for them in a number of different aspects of the business, from Umbrella Coverage to Homeowners and Renters Insurance.

Geico explainer video production by Demo Duck

How To File A Claim Series

A series of educational animated explainer videos for car owners who have to deal with the claim filing process. By breaking up the content into shorter episodes, viewer’s aren’t bombarded with information and find the video content that answers their specific question. Be sure to click through to watch all six episodes below and find the LARPing scene!

“How-To File a Claim” Video Series:

“Ads From the Vault” Video Series:

“Special Coverage” Social Video Series:

“Coverages, Explained” Video Series:

“Customer Retention” Video Series:

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