Animated Explainer Video

"I still think she's beautiful." In a pro bono partnership with non-profit 826CHI, we brought to life a student author's vision of Chicago.

Style: 2D Animation
Length: 1:20

The Challenge

Every year, we use our video production capabilities to help elevate the message of a Chicago non-profit. Our team member Jarrett Hothan suggested that we partner with 826CHI, an organization that supports Chicago students with writing and tutoring programs (Jarrett is one of their many volunteers). 826CHI was excited about the potential partnership, and told us that they could use help help raising awareness of their latest book launch—a collection of student writing.

The Solution

We animated one of the book’s standout pieces “She’Cago,” a poem by a young author named Izzy. In her piece, Izzy imagines the city as a complex person, filled with both trauma and hope. This influenced our design, which added human elements to the iconic skyline and other landmarks to create a living, breathing metropolis. To add authenticity and emotion to the video, we worked with Earhole Studios to record Izzy reading her piece.

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Behind the scenes

She'Cago boards demo duck
style frames 826chi