Animated Explainer Video

A quick overview on how they work, and what someone can expect if they launch a fundraising campaign.

The Challenge

GoFundMe fundraisers—and the generosity of their donors—can change people’s lives in wonderful ways. They help raise money for school supplies, or help people manage medical debt. It can feel straightforward, since it's become well known, but how can you educate audiences of all levels of experience with GoFundMe on exactly how they work and how they could be a good fit for your fundraising needs?

The Solution

We created a video that explained the steps of starting and managing a GoFundMe fundraiser, while showcasing the array of people and purposes they can support. The fluid, colorful video features a diverse collection of characters and causes, narrated by a duet of voiceover artists.

Behind the scenes

gofundme animated explainer fundraiser
gofundme animated explainer fundraiser