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CCF explainer video production partnership with Demo Duck

The challenge:

Growing up we all had to watch educational videos that really missed the mark on actually educating us. Whether that was because of a lame script filled with “hip slang”, outdated graphics, or tracking issues on our science teacher’s VHS player- for one reason or another these videos fell short of connecting with us. So these experiences from our youth were fresh in our minds during early discussions for this project. Pair those concerns with the importance of the content we’d be discussing and we knew we had to come at this one in a different way. We’re no spring chickens here at Demo Duck but we knew we had to delight our teen audience while they watched the animated video and help them feel more confident by the time it ended.

The solution:

Let’s be frank, there’s been conversations between an older teen and younger teen in educational videos before (especially those shown in certain middle school classes) but we went for a more natural feeling script and leaned on whimsical visuals to do the heavy lifting in terms of engaging viewers. Those visuals used a mixed media approach across various scenes so the viewer wouldn’t be sure what to expect next. A head that’s, literally, ballooning out? Sure. Colorful 3D intestines? Sounds good. A talking tree? You bet! By having some fun with the project we hopefully made a tough part of a young person’s life a little easier to understand and handle.

Crohn's and Colitis Foundation
Mixed Media Animation

Behind the scenes

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