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A trip to the dentist office for a procedure can be intimidating, especially if you’re a little kid. A big part is the uncertainty. You’re not exactly sure what is going to happen when you get in that chair, but you suspect it may involve a drill and eating applesauce for a few days.

The Challenge

We teamed up with Denovo Dental to create this fun and fanciful 2D animated video that explains how a space maintainer works and how it’s installed. We’re transported from a dentist’s waiting room into a dreamy construction site.

The Solution

It’s bustling with busy helpers clearing the way for healthy and happy smiles. From high-fives to candy catastrophes, every moment of the video was carefully crafted to give young patients a giggle and help them feel more at ease about their upcoming procedure.

Enjoyed their flexibility, willingness to shift resources and schedules to satisfy our client needs, and the overall management of the project on your end. The Demo Duck team did a fantastic job meeting ever changing demands. Theresa was also a dream to work with and kept us all sane throughout the process.

Julia Fiorito , Tether

Behind the scenes

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