Kids Got It Covered

Blue Cross Blue Shield Educational Series

The Challenge

Health tips are everywhere you look these days, so trying cut through the noise can be a challenge. Blue Cross Blue Shield wanted a fun way to share health tips and connect with their members on a monthly basis.

The Solution

Who’s better to explain universal health issues than kids? From topics such as stress and germs, it becomes clear that kids know a whole lot more than you realize. Which is important because these health issues are for more than adults, everyone needs to be educated on healthy lifestyles and habits. Employees of Blue Cross Blue Shield were invited to bring in their children for mini-interviews on health topics ranging from sugar to sleep!

Enjoyed their flexibility, willingness to shift resources and schedules to satisfy our client needs, and the overall management of the project on your end. The Demo Duck team did a fantastic job meeting ever changing demands. Theresa was also a dream to work with and kept us all sane throughout the process.

- Julia Fiorito - Tether

Behind the scenes

Kids Got it Covered by web video production partner
Kids Got it Covered by web video production partner