Netflix: New TV Experience

Commercial Ad

Netflix has a radically new look on TVs that makes streaming from Netflix a much richer and more immersive experience.

Style: Live Action
Length: 1:25

The Challenge

Netflix came to us needing an interesting way to present the the launch of their new user experience. They wanted to avoid a boring tutorial, and needed to make sure that the concept would be easily translated across several countries. So, we gave them Carl. The concept was to show the individual personalities behind every Netflix account, and bring some character to what would have been an otherwise basic product demo.

The Solution

Since we knew we had to translate the piece into 10 different languages, we wanted an easy divide between the character’s story and the UI so that we could swap translated screens more easily in the edit. To make this work, we shot Carl’s scenes, and shot a blank wall that would house our Netflix interface animations. Here are some behind the scene photos from the shoot in Chicago.

Some still frames

live action video production Netflix
live action video production Netflix
live action video production Netflix