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American Society for Clinical Pathology

Customer Testimonial Video

For this medical professional organziation, it's all about patient care, so what better way to show their impact than a powerful patient story?

ASCP healthcare testimonial video production

The challenge:

Pathologists and Lab Professionals are the unsung heroes in the medical world. Their work behind the scenes determines the diagnosis for cancer and the fate of a patient’s care. That’s why American Society for Clinical Pathology wanted to create a video to help build awareness to get their departments funded a little be better. On top of that, the video also had to target pathologists and lab professional themselves. When staring at slides and samples, it’s easy to forget the patient on the other side. This video aims to remind everyone of the people involved.

The solution:

Finding the right person to start in a customer testimonial is pivotal, so we knew we needed to traveled to Florida to interview Cindy Johns, a five-time cancer survivor and certified laboratory professional. Her experiences as both tell a compelling story of why Pathologists and Lab Professionals are so important and without their work she wouldn’t be here today.

American Society for Clinical Pathology
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