Gogo Inflight Internet: Engineer’s Plane Talk Series

Educational Series

The Engineers at Gogo Inflight Internet take us behind the scenes of their technology, and share their knowledge on everything from wave forms to signal paths.

Style: Live Action
Length: Varies

The Challenge

IBM wanted people to get excited about their video streaming services. With the data-harnessing power that Watson has, finding the right kind of video content has never been easier for the media and entertainment sector. The video needed to explain who they are, what they do, how the technology offers the most compelling solution in the market, and wow potential clients.

The Solution

We didn’t shy away from using a concept that flips the script on the viewer, whose behaviors are being watched by the content creators with the help of IBM and Watson. The cinematic camera moves used throughout the animation setup how businesses can start watching back, incorporating playful sci-fi tones, and how this analytics advantage will launch businesses into the future (and drive revenue).

Behind the scenes

GoGo explainer video production for thought leadership
GoGo thought leadership testimonial video production