Gogo: Engineers Plane Talk Series

Educational Series

The Engineers at Gogo Inflight Internet take us behind the scenes of their technology, and share their knowledge on everything from wave forms to signal paths.

Style: Live Action
Length: Varies

The Challenge

When you're shooting through the air in a metal tube, aka a plane, it can be easy to take the in-flight WiFi for granted. There's a LOT of work and smart people happening behind the scenes. Gogo wanted to highlight both those elements in a series of fun educational videos, without feeling too braggy.

The Solution

Engineers aren't always super excited to get in front of the camera, but we found it important to showcase them and harness that reticence in a way that felt endearing. However, we also knew that it was important to let them do their thing once we started rolling, so it was important to give each of the talent a specific aspect of in-flight WiFi to highlight and some props to help them do so.

Stills from the videos

GoGo explainer video production for thought leadership
GoGo thought leadership testimonial video production