GEMS World Academy Social Ads

Live Action Ad Campaign

The Challenge

Inspired by Tasty’s “binge-able” cooking videos, GEMS World Academy asked us to create a handful of sharable videos that utilized that signature top-down style to showcase their students and a few of their most exceptional programs.

The Solution

Like any good student, first we did our research and scouted out our filming location, aka, got to tour one of Chicago’s top private schools. We spent a wintery morning poking our heads into beautiful classrooms that overlook Millennium Park and spoke to teachers about all the different programs they offer: Robotics, foregin language, art, science, cooking. Our aim was to identify a few specific lesson plans within these subjects that we could capture in a top-down setup and that students could easily and quickly replicate for us on camera. Once we figured out what lessons to highlight, we needed the talent. The GEMS teachers acted as our astute casting directors, picking elementary and middle school-level students who they knew would be comfortable on camera. Working with these kids was a blast. They knew their stuff and made our job easy. We shot during a school day, so we had to work around class schedules and hold for hallway giggles, but it was a fun day on the job. We even got to eat lunch in their cafeteria. Hey, when you’re all grown up, it’s the little things like school lunches that get you excited.

Clear expectations, professional team, and a really fantastic final product.

- Sierra Turner, Pear Deck

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