Customer Testimonial Videos

When you have a big client like Google, it's important to show that a large company still understands the needs of small business. We worked with Nelson Cash to help Google tell the story of their customers.

Style: Live Action
Length: Varies

The Challenge

Our agency partner and local Chicagoan, Nelson Cash, knew they wanted something to tell the story of everyday people while also showcasing the benefits of Google’s products. What better than great customer stories that show small shops getting a whole lot done. In addition, it was important to present different types of businesses, industries, and people to show that Google can help anyone, anywhere. So that meant we needed to meet real people and experience their shop in real life. That’s a whole lot of planning and a whole lot of shooting to get live-action customer testimonial videos.

The Solution

Our production team went to the locations of three different kinds of businesses that use Google Products. We interviewed real employees and caught glimmers of their real, everyday office life…or photo studio life… or restaurant life. What’s great about this collection of customer testimonial videos is that, even though it appears that these businesses don’t have anything in common, they all have the same business problems that Google Products can help with. Large or small, they help them all.

Behind the scenes

BuzzFeed explainer video production BTS
Demo Duck customer testimonial video production for Google
BTS of Buzzfeed testimonial video production
thought leadership video production shoot