Corporate Recruiting Video

Style: Live Action
Length: 2:10

A recruiting video focused on painting a picture of what it's like to work at Hireology and provide a glimpse of some of the folks who already do.

The Challenge

Hireology, a fast-growing tech company in Chicago, needed help creating a corporate recruiting video that would help convey what it’s like to work on their team. Although they had previous recruiting videos, they challenged us to emphasize their thriving company culture. Our goal was to make the video enjoyable for everyone, but especially appealing to those who are considering working there.

The Solution

With the right mix of interview footage, b-roll, and animation we created something that fit seamlessly into Hireology’s existing brand and showed off their talented people. We aimed to bring character and excitement to the vignettes by adding clear, simple animation and motion. Through minimal, clean and nimble motion, we created a video that showed off the uniqueness of the team and the high-quality people they are looking to hire.

Behind the scenes

Hireology corporate recruiting video production
Hireology corporate recruiting video production