Video Series

A series of educational explainer animations for car owners who have to deal with the claim filing process. Be sure to click through to watch all six episodes below and find the LARPing scene!

Style: 2D Animation
Length: Various

The Challenge

GEICO knocked on our door and were willing to give us the creative freedom to have some fun with these animations. However, we wanted to be sure that we didn’t go overboard with the playfulness given the pretty serious nature of getting into a car accident. It was important viewers were engaged, sure, but it was even more important they understood exactly what the processes were across all the episodes of this business video series.

The Solution

To combat the serious nature of the content but scratch the itch to have fun, we created a sendup of a normal step-by-step instructional video. Meaning that this animated video series relies on some unique (and at times goofy) visuals and voiceover because the core content remained highly educational in nature.

Behind the scenes