Animated Explainer Video

Ever lose track of your important documents? Us too. Prisidio makes it easy to find everything you need, all in one secure place.

The Challenge

Craft a short, punchy product launch animation to educate and inspire customers to get their life together—so to speak—with Prisidio, a cloud-based vault for holding everything you hold dear.

The Solution

Adulting is hard and not knowing the exact location of your birth certificate (sorry to bring it up) well into your 30s is more common than you think. The video we crafted for Prisidio uses a big, glopping dollop of relatability to frame their cloud-based solution and app, because we’ve all been there. You get an important document, then you put it somewhere, then POOF! Seven years have gone by, and it could be anywhere. A punchy script paired with a minimal design style provided the right mix for Prisidio’s relatable yet reliable brand.

Behind the scenes

Style Frame