Newsela Animated Video Campaigns

Video Production Partnership


Style: Varies
Length: 30 seconds or less

The Challenge

Newsela was planning several digital campaigns with various approaches to their content. One was to be more product focused, showing the breadth of the platform to viewers. The other took a more emotional approach to connect with the challenges of being an educator. Knowing that their time is limited, how could we tell these stories in a quick, engaging way without skimping on the way we demonstrate the platform's power?

The Solution

To create a uniform brand across the campaigns, we leveraged similar ways of showing the user-interface, with simplified versions of the screens so that we could highlight the key aspects of each of those pages. The way we move from one screen to the next was also done in a way that generally followed the behavioral flow of using the platform, but still allowed us to keep the pace up to communicates its wide range of capabilities.

For the more emotionally affecting campaign, we decided to leverage live video scenes, all taking place in a classroom, paired with 2D animated overlays to create a playful series of vignettes that were relatable but not overly negative. A quick line of copy sets things up and the 3-4 second comedic scene dials up the fun.

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