Animated Product Video

Being in the beauty biz is a lot more biz than beauty these days. That’s why Zenoti’s cloud software helps salon and spa owners automate the little things, so they can focus on the big picture—not to mention people and perms.

Style: 2D Animation
Length: Varies

The Challenge

From handling bookings, organizing operations, and receiving payments, business owners often experience a multitude of day-to-day difficulties. Zenoti challenged us to create an animated video series to illustrate how their software can alleviate these issues. We needed to show how Zenoti elegantly meet modern day business demands while allowing salon and spa owners to focus on what they do best–delivering amazing services.

The Solution

We wanted our videos for Zenoti to feel authentic, so it was important for us to capture the vibrant feel of a salon or spa. To do that, we created colorful scenes, characters, and settings that would resonate with Zenoti’s audience. To take that authenticity even further, we introduced “Willie!” Since Zenoti helps handle the little things like appointments or reminders, we wanted to personify (robot-ify?) the benefits of automation with a small character. Through Willie, we were able to visually represent exactly what Zenoti is capable of, and be more specific about the problems it is helping to solve. And, at the end of the day, who doesn’t love a story about a business owner overcoming obstacles with a friendly robot.

Transparency and partnership through process. Availability was excellent as well for ad hoc questions.

- Chris Loeche, PMsquare

Behind the scenes

zenoti product video
zenoti product video