Pella Fiberglass Animation

Animated Explainer Video

Providing a clear look at a new type of material for windows.

The Challenge

Pella Impervia windows are some of the strongest windows in the industry. But you wouldn't know that just by looking at them. So the question became, how do you make the value of Pella, and their new fiberglass material, as crystal clear as the product itself?

The Solution

Pella is more than a high quality product, it's the best in the business. And we needed a best-in-class visual presentation to match it. We developed a highly detailed 3D concept that saw the Pella logo bouncing it's way through our script's benefits. With this style, we were able to easily weave in photo-real renderings of windows and the proprietary Pella process. In the end, it's more than showcase for windows, it's a showcase for the Pella brand's pitch perfect balance of strength and elegance.

Behind the scenes

Pegs Pella Animation Video WIP
Rovings Pella Animation Video WIP
Whole Pella Animation Video WIP