Meraki Go Live Action Commericial Video - Demo Duck

Meraki Go

Live Action Commercial

Have you ever stopped to think about how your office WiFi is doing? With all those presentations, calls and downloads, maybe it’s having a long day too. We put a smiling face to small business WiFi with this fun live action video for Meraki Go.

Demo Duck Explainer video live action production

The challenge:

Meraki Go offers a set of small business WiFi solutions, engineered by the folks at Cisco. We’ve partnered with them before to create a series of live action customer testimonial videos, and an animated explainer video. But when they asked us to create an explainer video to show what WiFi could do for a business, it created an interesting challenge. How do you show the power and versatility of a product you can’t actually see?

The solution:

We personified the office WiFi using a friendly, hard-working character. This approach allowed us a first-hand way to talk about connectivity challenges and solutions, and created an opportunity for some fun and playful scripting too. To further build the WiFi world, we combined our live action shoot with motion graphics and 3D elements. The star of the video is none other than our Operations Lead, Rachel. She has an acting background, so she decided to audition for the part and the rest is history. When we say we’re multi-talented here, we mean it.

Meraki Go
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30 second Version:

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