Live Action Video

A split screen video with a wall of widgets!

The Challenge

Rippling takes a lot of manual, disparate processes across HR, IT, and Finance, and puts them all into one easy-to-use software. So why not visualize this difference via a split screen approach? And, while we're at it, let's throw in a playful wall of widgets to further drive home the problem? Well, the Rippling team came to us with some of these high level questions and it was on Demo Duck to make it a reality...all within a few weeks time.

The Solution

While we usually use this section to talk about how we crafted a concept to solve the Challenge, this time we'll focus on production specifics since time was of the essence for this video. So here's a brief list of things we did to get this shot: purchased a ton of widgets (online and in-person), taped out the wall size, cut custom letters with a Cricut machine, had a 48-hour casting process, and brought everything together in a one-day shoot in our studio. From there, given the split screen approach and short duration, it was a matter of lining everything up in post and getting it out the door. Phew!

Behind the scenes

Testing out the colorful wall of buttons
IMG_4334 (1)