ODCC Stop Motion Commercial Video Campaign

Commercial Video Productions


Style: Varies
Length: 30 seconds or less

The Challenge

It was important that we educate the audience on the benefits of the Oregon Dungeness Crab, which there are many, in a way that they'll remember. With only 30-seconds to create that lasting impact, our agency partners suggested a comedic route and we were amped to turn up the fun.

The Solution

This video, while it features two characters, was all about our crab, Louie. He would be the one to really drive the story forward and keep folks engaged (and perhaps induce a few chuckles). Meanwhile, our crab fisherman would be subtly delivering information on all the benefits brought to Oregon by the Dungeness crab population there.

A stop motion approach for Louie allowed us to move him in a way that felt both playful and life-like, and create more of a difference in the performances of our two characters.


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