Skai Retail Media Animation

Animated Explainer Video

An out of this world mixed media style animation.

The Challenge

The pandemic ushered in a new era of online shopping and with it, a whole new set of marketing challenges. Skai's software solutions for retail media are exactly what marketers need to cut through the noise, but first they needed a down-to-earth video to talk about them. A video that speaks the language of marketers, removes all the industry jargon and answers the question, "Why Skai?"

The Solution

Okay, so it's a marketing video about a marketing solution and our target audience is marketers. To keep out heads from spinning off into the meta-verse, we went with a straight-talking script and an eye-catching visual style branded with Skai's colors. Using real images in this collage style allowed us to be more 'see-say' (as in, here's a visual that that lets you see exactly what the narration is saying). The end result cuts through the jargon and feels unique to Skai's brand atmosphere.

Behind the scenes

Skaie Frame Animated Explainer Video
Skaie Storyboard Topple Over
Skai Storyboard Animated Video Hand
Skaie Storyboard Animation Topple Over
Skaie Planets Animated Explainer Video