The Lactation Network

Animated Explainer Video

An empathetic and warm animation that explains the various aspects of TLN

The Challenge

TLN came to us to us with an interesting challenge. They had three distinct goals for their video—introduce the brand and their new insurance program, give a sign up demo and explain what to expect from a lactation consultation.

The Solution

We cooked up a concept that was all about meeting parents wherever they are in their lactation journey—knowing TLN had resources to help them at every step of the way. We crafted an honest, empathetic script and paired it with a warm, textured visual style focused on stunning illustrations with subtle motion. Medical videos can get clinical quickly, so having a diverse group of characters experiencing life, and expressing emotions, kept it feeling light and inviting—even when we're just running through some screenshots.  The end result was a beautiful video that we think demonstrates TLN's caring and understanding for all moms and parents.

Some still frames