Animated Brand Video

A new animation launched alongside a new brand for Thorn

The Challenge

They asked us to develop a hero video that introduced their mission, and their new brand, to the world. The most challenging components of the video, as one might expect from watching, was being delicate and intentional with the subject matter. CSAM is a very serious issue, with some alarming statistics, so it was important we balance communicating the prevalence of the issue with the hope of a brighter future.

The Solution

Working closely with Thorn's design team, we brought motion and emotion together to create a video that elegantly explains an incredibly challenging topic. Over the course of the video the color palette brightens as the content becomes more hopeful and uplifting as well. Additionally, the design of kids in the video became more detailed as the video progresses as well as it was important to show childhood joy in a world where it's better protected.

WIP storyboards and designs

Screenshot 2024-03-28 at 10.21.59 AM
Screenshot 2024-03-28 at 10.23.13 AM
Screenshot 2024-03-28 at 10.24.47 AM
Screenshot 2024-03-28 at 10.24.55 AM